Concert Programme 2019

Thursday July 11th at 4.30pm Festival Talk

‘The Great Community of Composers’
The eminent musicologist and broadcaster Robert Philip will discuss the many varied styles of composition included in the Festival programme and examine the links and inspirations between composers from Bach and Handel to Brahms and Bartók.

Thursday July 11th at 7.30 pm

Handel: Concerto Grosso in A minor, Op.6, No.4 HWV 322
Telemann: Trio Sonata for Violin, Bassoon and Continuo, TWV 42: B5
Handel: Sonata in F major for Violin and Harpsichord, Op.1, No.12 HWV 370
Bach: Concerto in C Minor for Oboe and Violin, BWV1060
Bach: Trio Sonata for Flute, Violin and Continuo, BWV 1038
Corelli: Concerto Grosso (Christmas Concerto), Op. 6, No.8

Our Festival opens with a concert of 18th century gems. Wonderful concerti grossi by Handel and Corelli frame other lesser-known masterpieces. Christmas comes a little early this year!

Friday July 12th at 7.00 pm

Nielsen: Serenata in Vano for Strings and Winds
Mendelssohn: Trio in D minor for, Flute, Cello and Piano, Op.49
Beethoven: Septet in E flat major for Strings and Winds, Op.20

A concert full of melody opens with Nielsen’s charming Serenata for a very unusual combination of instruments. Mendelssohn’s version of his glorious piano trio in the less familiar version with flute in place of violin will be a fascinating discovery. Beethoven’s Septet never fails to enchant with its variety and ebullience.

Friday July 12th at 10.00 pm Music from Hungary

Bartók: Romanian Folk Dances, Sz 56, arr. for Violin and Piano
Kodály: Intermezzo and Gavotte for Strings
Bartók: Duos for Two Violins, Sz 98
Veress: Sonatina for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon
Kurtág: Játékok (Games) for solo Piano
Bartók: Contrasts for Violin, Clarinet and Piano, BB116

Hungarian composers have produced some highly original works inspired by the country’s rich cultural and folk traditions. This extremely varied concert features exhilarating works from many of its finest composers ending with Bartok’s masterpiece, Contrasts, written for Benny Goodman.

Saturday July 13th at 11.30 am Coffee Concert

The Gaudier Ensemble will introduce this concert and present a selection of short entertaining works. The programme will be varied and include:
Ted Bor: “Bach at the Double” for Two Violins and Double Bass
Oliver Tuan: “The Chase” for Flute and Clarinet
Jean Françaix: Quartet for Winds
Haydn: String Quartet in C major, Op. 20, No. 2

Saturday July 13th at 7.30 pm

Madeleine Dring: Trio for Flute, Oboe and Piano
Brahms: Trio in A minor for Clarinet, Cello and Piano, Op.114
Dvořák: Piano Trio in E minor, ‘Dumky’, for Violin, Cello and Piano, Op.90

Madeleine Dring’s charmingly melodic and inventive trio dates from 1968. The Clarinet Trio by Brahms was one of his last and most reflective works and shows his remarkable understanding of the clarinet’s capabilities. The ‘Dumky’ Trio with its extraordinary rhythmic and melodic vitality has always been a Festival favourite.

Sunday July 14th at 12.00 noon

Devienne: Quartet for Bassoon and Strings, Op.73, No.2
Schubert: Quintet in A major, ‘The Trout’, for Piano and Strings, D667

A feast of melody in this lunchtime concert with the delightful Bassoon Quartet by François Devienne written just before Schubert was born. The extraordinary Trout Quintet is one of the most loved works in all chamber music.

Sunday July 14th at 6.00 pm

Bax: Quintet for Oboe and Strings (1922)
Weber: Quintet in B flat for Clarinet and Strings, Op.34
Dvořák: String Quintet No 2, in G major, Op.77

The Festival culminates in a programme of great variety. The Oboe Quintet by Bax is full of reflection and his love for Ireland and its great folk traditions. Weber wrote his Clarinet Quintet for Heinrich Baermann. This is an exhilarating piece, both dramatic and virtuosic in character. The Dvořák String Quintet with Double Bass has long been one of the Gaudier’s calling cards and is serene and joyous in equal measure.

 Image © Jane Tearle


Rehearsals are always open to the public and are free.

 Tuesday July 9th

8.15   Piano arrives at church
8.30.  First piano tune
10.00 Dumky trio
11.45 Nielsen
12.15 Schubert trout
2.30-3.00   Open rehearsal to Cerne Abbas School, ( Dumky, Dvorak Quintet and Weber)
3.00   Devienne bassoon quartet
4.00   Dring trio
5.00   Weber clarinet quintet
6.30   Haydn quartet, Ashton
6.30   Mendelssohn Trio

Wednesday July 10th

10.00 Buckland Newton School visit. (Winds Veress, Francaix, Flute Solo and/or Chase)
10.00 Dvorak Bass quintet
11.30 Mendelssohn Trio
11.30 Beethoven septet (no horn) (Bishops house Abbey st)
1.00   Piano removed from stage
2.30   Baroque Programme, Corelli, Handel Concerto, Bach Concerto, Bach Trio, Telemann Trio then Handel Sonata
2.30   Also Veress and Francaix and Chase (fl and clar)
6.00   Baroque Programme (as required) Also Bax Quintet and Devienne Bassoon Quartet

Thursday July 11th

10.00-1.30 rehearse Corelli, Handel Concerto, Bach Concerto, Bach Trio, Telemann Trio then Handel Sonata

Thursday July 11th at 4.30pm Festival talk by Bob Philip

Thursday July 11th, Concert at 7.30 pm

Friday July 12th

8.30   Piano put back on stage
9.30   Mendelssohn
10.30 Kodaly
11.00 Bartok contrasts
11.45 Bartok Romanian dances
1.00   Bartok duos
1.30   Masterclass in church (bassoon)
2.00   Masterclass in church (flute)
2.30   Nielsen serenata
3.00  Beethoven septet
4.30  Masterclass in church (violin: Lesley)
5.00  Piano tuned
6.00  Veress trio

Friday July 12th Concert at 7.00 pm

Friday July 12th Late Night Concert at 10.00 pm ‘Music from Hungary’

Saturday July 13th

9.45-11.00 rehearse coffee concert programme

Saturday July 13th Coffee Concert at 11.30 am

2.30   rehearse Dring
3.15   Brahms
4.15   Dumky

Saturday July 13 Concert at 7.30

Sunday July 14th

8.15   Piano tuned
10.30 rehearse Trout and Devienne

Sunday July 14th Concert at 12.00 pm

2.30-5.00  Rehearse evening concert programme Weber, Bax then Dvorak

Sunday July 14th Concert at 6.00 pm.

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Thursday July 26th at 4.30 pm
Festival Talk: ‘Where did the past go?’ With performances of Mozart and Françaix by Susan Tomes and Royal College of Music students, Robert Philip will talk about the 20th century’s love-hate relationship with the classical era and how this has influenced composers up to the present day.


Thursday July 26th at 7.30
Debussy:         ‘Danses Sacrée et Profane’ for Harp and Strings
Françaix:         Octet for Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon and Strings
Poulenc:          Trio for Piano, Oboe and Bassoon (1926)
Mozart:            Serenade No.11 in E flat major, K375, for Wind Octet


Friday July 27th at 7.00 pm
Mozart:            Sonata in B flat major, K292, for Bassoon and Cello
Glinka:             Trio Pathétique in D minor, for Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano
Debussy:         ‘Prélude á l’Après-midi d’un Faune’, arr. for Strings, Winds and Harp.
Mozart:            Piano Quartet No.1 in G minor, K478


Friday July 27th at 10.00 pm ‘Night music’.
Beethoven       ‘Moonlight’ Sonata in C# minor, Op.27. ‘First Movement’
Debussy:         ‘Clair de lune’ from “Suite Bergamasque”   for Solo Piano
Schoenberg:     ‘Verklärte Nacht’ (Transfigured Night), Op.4, for String Sextet


Saturday July 28th at 11.30 am Coffee Concert

(suitable for both adults and children aged seven and above)

Beethoven:     Horn Sonata in F major, Op.17, arr. for Horn and Strings
Billy Mayerl      Solo Piano works
Debussy          Syrinx for Solo Flute
Arnold:             Divertimento, Op.37, for Flute, Oboe and Clarinet
Kovács:           ‘After you Mr Gershwin’ for Clarinet and Piano
Paul Reade      Suite from ‘The Victorian Kitchen Garden’ for Clarinet and Harp
Dvořák            Waltzes, Op.54, for Strings


Saturday July 28th at 7.30.
Saint-Saëns:     Fantasy Op.124, for Violin and Harp
Debussy:         Première Rapsodie for Solo Clarinet, Flute, Harp, String Quartet and Double Bass
Ravel:              Introduction and Allegro for Harp, Flute, Clarinet and String Quartet
Brahms:          Piano Quintet in F minor, Op.34


Sunday July 29th at 12.00.
Britten:             Phantasy Quartet. Op.2, for Oboe and Strings
Poulenc:          Elégie, Op.168, for Horn and Piano
Schmitt            Andantino, Op. 30, No.1, for Clarinet and Piano
Mozart:            Piano Concerto No.12 in A major, K414, for Piano and Strings


Sunday July 29th at 6.00 pm
Rossini:           Duo in D major for Cello and Double Bass
Stravinsky:      “The Soldier’s Tale”, for Violin, Clarinet and Piano
Glazunov:        “Idyll” for Horn and String Quartet
Dvoràk:           String Sextet in A major, Op.48

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